What We Do

Metavista USA, LLC. will introduce a series of new products and technologies utilizing the fusion of cryogenic, liquid hydrogen, and control system software technologies.

Liquid Hydrogen, the most powerful and safe hydrogen energy

Hydrogen Energy Infrastructure

Infrastructure for manufacturing, transfer, storage, and recharging stations

- Liquid hydrogen manufacturing & sales

- Production and sales of the transport trailers and storage tank

- Mobile/stationary recharging stations

- Hydrogen liquefaction plant

- Hydrogen Generator EPC

Hydrogen Applications

Using liquid hydrogen as an energy source and cryogenic technology

- Aerocraft(unmanned/manned)

- Power systems (land/sea/underwater)

- Energy Storage System (ESS)

- Production and sales of cryogenic storage containers and other applications

Technical Consulting

Liquid hydrogen, cryogenic technology development/plant design service and consulting

- Government and enterprise development services

- Consultation for hydrogen liquefaction plant design and industrial solutions

- Hydrogen recharging station design and solution

- Technology consulting services